Culture and Tradition of Bhutan


Culture and Tradition

Bhutan is august for its rich culture that has survived the test of time. Culture outstands amongst other reasons why many tourists from around the world seek Bhutan as their life time destination. In Bhutan, the cultural and traditional context to the far spectators sees men wearing patterned half skirt whilst women in long to the grisly masks dances to the monks intoning mantras on a mountain top and echoing in the valleys beneath, these are just part of culture and not the whole, 

our culture is way beyond it. Bhutan is moored by folktales that came alongside the history and some way before the history, they are more our culture than stories. The beguiling folk songs and dances performed with utmost jubilation has greater meaning than its actuality, they bring back the deeds of our forefathers who forged our great little nation. Every Bhutanese home has an altar despite the sizes, the altar where they praise gods and seek protection and these altars are carved from finest of woods and painted with decorative flowers.  

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