Bhutan Tour Booking Guide

A brief guide to booking your trip to Bhutan and obtaining a Tourist Visa

In order to simplify the process of booking a trip to Bhutan and obtaining a Tourist Visa, we provide this helpful guide. 

Step 1

Select the tour operator that will arrange your tour. You can find Tour Operator List here :

Step 3

Now you need to wire payment calculated by your tour operator as well as USD 40(one time Visa Fee). Please email the wire transfer receipt copy to tour operator.

Step 2

Work out with tour itinerary with selected tour operator and tour operator will calculate the amount you must pay.

Step 4

Your tour operator will complete your visa application, remeber you must send them clear scanned copy of passport. Visa will be processed within week(working Days)

Step 5

Your Tour operator will email you a copy of the approved Visa once your Visa has been approved. Enjoy your Trip according to your Itinerary.

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