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An elfin kingdom tucked away on the southern folds of the young Himalayas. It is the last standing Buddhist kingdom in the world. The country has less than a million-happy people dwelling on the land which is smaller than California. It is peacefully stapled between two giant countries, China in the North and India in the South. The breathtaking scenic beauty that lay deep in the landscapes will unfurl the horizon within oneself, the horizon of utmost joy.

Quick Facts :

  1. No Traffic Light 
  2. Carbon Negative Country in World.
  3. 60 to 70% of country is covered with forest throughout the year.
  4. Tobacco & Plastic is Banned
  5. Gross National Happiness valued ahead of Gross Domestic Product
  6. Bhutan is home to the world’s highest un-climbed peak, Gangkar Puensum at 7570m
  7. “Takin”, a goat-antelope is the National animal of Bhutan
  8. Free Health & Education.
  9. Archery – National Game.
  10. National Dress – Gho (for men) and Kira (for Women).
  11. High Value, low impact Tourism Policy.
  12. Most Challenging/Dangerous Airport.
  13. National Tree –  Cypress
  14. National Flower – Blue poppy 
  15. Country with Two (2) National Capital.
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